What an eggcellent way to start the day


Ooooo yikes, -10 to Hufflepuff for that terrible pun, Kenna. No but really, FOOD REVIEWS IN DENVER ARE BACK! I mean, I don’t think anyone really cares, but I personally love exploring new restaurants/cafes/products/recipes. I’ve kind of neglected the last 2, but I will make more of an effort to try new GF products and recipes for you guys! I’ve recently found that cooking actually really calms me down and makes me feel accomplished, which is a feeling I don’t experience often at all. So be on the lookout for those!

So now.. onto the review!

This past Saturday, I was able to meet up with my best friend, soul sister, personal therapist, fellow celiac sister, and SO MUCH MORE.. for brunch! I feel like bunch in Denver is just one of those things that like 85% of the people in the city do. You just HAVE TO. There are so many amazing places here, why would you not??

Now with us being celiac, we both get excited when we find a place that has numerous options for us. We’ve tried our fair share of restaurants, but decided on a new one called Revelry Kitchen. It had nothing but great reviews, so we decided to try!

So one must know, timing for brunch is optimal. If you arrive in the 11-12 hour, prepare yourself from anywhere to an hour to three hour wait. It’s no joke you guys. So I decided to get there at 9:45 and managed to snag a spot right away! It’s a super quaint place, both outside and in, as you can see. Very homey.

We both got super overwhelmed by the menu.. but in the best way possible! There were so many possible choices.. I definitely will be going back because a) it was fantastic and b) there are so many things I wanted to try!


WE decided to split the churro doughnuts (YES GLUTEN FREE) while my friend got the egg sandwich, and I went with my fav brunch staple, Eggs Benedict (aka The Benny). The description is ” House English Muffin (or gf bread if you’re me), pork belly, farm egg (poached), tomato, kale pesto, hollandaise sauce.” Um, excuse me, but HOLY DELICIOUSNESS.

Now I”m not really a doughnut fan, but after our churro ones arrive, I might be. They were drizzled with a dulce de leche sauce and absolutely delicious! It was so hard to believe they were actually gluten free. It was a good idea to split them though, or else I don’t think I’d had had room for my main course.


BUT NOW ONTO THE MAIN EVENT. I’m not quite sure how to explain my love affair with eggs benedict. I don’t even remember the first time I had them. But I am a hardcore lover of eggs in any form, but pair it with meat, bread, veggies, and a creamy sauce, and baby you got yourself a MEAL.


I’m gonna let you all sick that in for a minute. That is straight up food porn right there.





Ok, done? And it did NOT disappoint. The runnyness of the eggs and the sauce combined with pesto was exquisite. I will say that was my first time having pork belly, but by gosh it will not be the last. I can’t say anymore because I feel you would have to experience it to know the full glory.

And of course the absolute winner of the whole event… we didn’t have to pay extra fr gluten free! Unheard of. Normally if you order something with gf bread, crust, or anything like that, you can get uncharged any where from $2-45. It sucks, but what can you do? But not here! My whole total came to $14.95 for the benedict and the iced tea (my friend got the doughnuts), which isn’t bad for brunch.

In terms of atmosphere, the staff was friendly, warm, and more than attentive. Because it was a small restaurant, it was pretty loud, but I can deal with that. I recommend this place to anyone in Denver and will definitely be returning!


(303) 455-3132
4140 W 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80212



Good friends, good food. There’s not really much more to life.


In my previous post, I had mentioned that I had made some amazing friends out here… which is obviously still true! Most of them have come from school, since thanks to class and theater, that’s where I’ve spent 93% of my time. With graduation coming in… 3 short months, I’ve done my fair share of panicking that I don’t HAVE friends outside of school, and what will happen come May? I’ll be alone.

ANYWAYS, that’s another existential crisis for another post, friends. Last night, I met up with a close friend of mine, as life has been pulling us so many different directions and I haven’t seen her in about a month, despite us living 7 minutes apart! We decided on burgers (which is a big step for me ED wise). I had a thought of fear and doubt in my mind heading into it, but truly reminded myself that the least harmful thing I could do to myself was is eat. I needed to enjoy this time, and try my very hardest to be engaged with her.

And you know what? I was. Normally, being out with people exhausts me. Physically, mentally, emotionally. My energy levels are low right now, and sometimes even going to meet someone completely drains me. However, I was able to totally engage with her. It felt so normal and right! When it came time to order, I ordered what KENNA wanted, with very little hesitation. Sure, that nagging voice about being too bloated and full afterwards and what would have the least calories etc., but I was able to push that aside. I’ll write a new post/review (they’re back) about the actual restaurant, as I thoroughly enjoyed it, would go back, AND THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE BUNS. Even after 3 years here, I still am amazed when I go places and can order something “normally”. What a luxury this state is 🙂

We spent a good chunk of time together and it was just so nice to actually feel relaxed in a social setting and truly enjoy time with people I treasure in my life. Anyways, it was a nice break from life it felt like.




Well, well, well…look who we have here.


Wow. Just wow.

Skip forward 3 years in the future and here we are.

Same girl (well no, not at all), same state, same diagnosis of Celiac, STILL in college.

So much has happened over these past couple years, it seems to hard to even try to put it into words. I have succeeded in life. I have made the greatest friends I’ve ever had. I’ve had lasting and loving relationships. I have been cast in more shows than I thought possible. I have gotten straight A’s. I have a great roommate. I am still nannying for a wonderful little guy, and another family now as well. SO MUCH has happened.

However, it has not come without its many, many tribulations. I have slipped. I have fallen. I have relapsed into my eating disorder. I have gone back to treatment.  I have had to leave school. I have lost friends. Trust has been broken. I have gotten my heart broken. So much has

And here we are. February 2017. A senior (FINALLY) in college, graduating in May! I am taking a full load of courses, still nannying, and if we’re being very honest and vulnerable, hard core struggling ED wise. Eating and behaviors have caused a downward spiral, and I am in a journey of now crawling out of this mudhole

It is not easy. Everyday I wake up with a monster in my brain, screaming at me, telling me that I shouldn’t, I can’t. And everyday I make a conscious decision to either fight that voice or go with it.

So why find/start up this blog again? I read my original message, about me wanting to use this as a place to document eating, especially gluten free food. So here we are again. And I hope that maybe I still have followers, can potentially gain more and have support as well as help people along the way.

So welcome back to me and welcome back to my followers! Let’s go!blog-photo

Let me tell you about my best friend.


Best friend…..what does it mean?

If you look up a definition online (thanks to Urban Dictionary, only the most trustworthy of sources) it says”

“Truly, a bestfriend can be the exact opposite of you, and this usually leads to fights and difficulties getting along, but somehow you still just love them to death anyway. Your bestfriend is the one person who could not speak to you for any amount of time but you still think of them just the same. Someone who, despite all the changes a person goes through in their life, will stick by you and always accept you for who you are. A person who will always tell you what you NEED to hear, even if its not necessarily what you WANT to hear. A person who can make you laugh even on your bad days, and who makes all the problems in life seem easy to overcome, as long as you have them by your side. A bestfriend can be many things, your inspiration, your hero; bestfriends help eachother to become better people by using honest, constructive criticism that sometimes hurts to hear, but is all for the best in the end. Bestfriends are the ones that bring up touchy topics with you, even if it will risk you being angry w/ them because they care more about your well being. Your bestfriend is the one who you could piss off so badly, but in your time of need they’ll will still be there for you. A bestfriend is someone who you have shared good AND bad memories with, but you just can’t help but cherish each of them; a TRUE bestfriend is hard to come by, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

I have had numerous “best friends” in my life. Looking back though…. I don’t know why. What truly defines a best friend? Someone who will be there for you? Who you can be around and just be yourself? Who doesn’t judge you? I feel that a lot of us go through life and attach ourselves to people, because having a “best friend” is something that society almost requires of us. I know I have felt that way for a lot of my life. If I didn’t have a best friend, I inherently felt that there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I be close to someone? Why couldn’t I have something everyone else seemed to have?

As I’ve grown up, I still feel like that sometimes, but have come to realize that we all feel this way; at one point or another we have felt completely alone, no matter how many people we surround ourselves with. But when you find someone you relate to strongly or can be you, the true authentic YOU, that’s what makes us feel safe, loved, needed.

Where am I going with this?

This girl right here.

blake 1

blake 7

When I first moved to Denver, I was terrified. “What if I make no friends? What if I”m just too weird or too out there or just too….me?”

blake 5

Blake is the best friend I could ask for. We have done more together in the two and 1/2 months I have known her then I have done with most people in 5 years. She pretty much knows everything about me; all my dirty little secrets, my weird habits, my everything…. and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t judge me, she listens and accepts. And I do the same for her. There are sometimes when we are exactly alike: loving Coke Zero, crushing on Demi Lovato, making the same weird assumptions about people, literally finishing each other’s sentences. And other times we’re just two different people, but still the set of friends. She goes out of her way to be an amazing fried: she threw me an awesome party, made me feel so special on my 21st and is just generally there for me 24/7. And I really hope I”m being as good of a friend back. Because people like this don’t come around too often.

blake 9

blake 4

blake 3

blake 2

I’m just really thankful for her.

blake 8

That’s all 🙂

Wait, why am I doing this again?


First things first, my apologies to my followers. I really fell off the bandwagon with this blog. However, I didn’t simply decide not to write, it is actually because I have been so busy…..WITH LIFE. Honestly, my life has so up and down. I have been super engaged with people, whether it’s with my sorority, my best friend here, with theater, with really anything. While I love it, I still do consider myself an introvert. I like to spend time with myself. I have no problem staying in, in my bed on a Friday night. In the past I would do this, but mostly to avoid people. Now I am trying to navigate when I’m avoiding and when I really just want to be alone. Even though I still have trouble saying no to people, I’m getting a little better at defining when I need time for myself and actually taking it, without making up excuses.

SO, this is kind of a catchup post. Prepare for an onslaught of posts, because I will be providing additional posts that go off all these topics.

1. I went to the Demi Lovato concert in September. I have only been to 3 concerts in my life and besides Michael Buble, this would be the top one. It was amazing how personal it felt, even though I was in the Pepsi Center surrounded by thousands of people. It was life-changing…. I also was fortunate enough to see Christina Perri and MKTO there as well!


2. I am in love with my job. Nannying for Kale has been such a blessing (even though I’m not religious and I really hate using that word haha). Even though I have to wake up at 5:15 a.m. about 3-4 times a week, and get annoyed when he’s hyper, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Kale always tells me how “I’m the best babysitter ever” and he hopes he never has to have another one besides me again. And Tara has been so helpful in working with me on a schedule and just generally being so cool and understanding. They even took me out for my birthday to dinner and I just felt so loved.



3. I participated in the Denver NEDA walk on October 5th. The only other walk I’ve done for NEDA was in Charlottesville, but this was so different. They had keynote speakers, I was a part of a team, there were hundreds of people there, and I truly felt the support and connection. I was reunited with my great friend from ERC, Ryan. He is such a caring and loving individual and I had really missed his company. I’m so grateful he lives in Denver so we can get together soon.

erc walk

4. I was sick for about 3 weeks straight. Aspartame poisoning, sinus infection, and a stomach virus. NO. THANK. YOU. I threw up more in those 3 weeks then I have in my whole life. I couldn’t smell for a good 2 weeks. The awful part was I was hungry but I didn’t know what to eat at all. I knew I had to keep up my strength. I mostly relied on gluten free baked goods and almond milk chai tea lattes from Dazbog coffee. Never in my LIFE would I have thought I would willingly get anything from a coffee shop that contained calories. But it’s not going to hurt me. It’s normal. It’s what people do.


5. MY DAD CAME TO VISIT!!! I got into a terrible car accident about a month ago, and my poor baby Subaru was totaled. My loving dad came out to help me buy a car, since I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing…and I am so grateful he did. It was a tedious day and we trekked all over Denver, but we finally ended up with a 2007 Subaru Forester! I’m so happy that’s what we ended up with since I already know how to drive it. I love it… it’s not my old car.. but it’s pretty dang close! And I don’t think I can ever thank my dad enough for coming all the way out here to help his daughter. The love my parents show me on a daily basis is so overwhelming(in a good way!)


6. I WAS CAST IN MY FIRST SHOW! The day has come ladies and gents. Now yes, it may be a student directed one act. Yes, it may be 10 minutes long. But still, it’s something, and it’s something I”ll take. I’m a little nervous…. I read the script last night and it’s essentially about a woman talking about how she lived in New York by herself, and an intruder comes into her house and rapes her. Like…what. I have never had to deal with adult content in any plays I’ve been in. Hell, I’ve been a dog and a bird girl. So this is definitely a leap. But I;m going to need to embrace it..that’s what theater is all about.

cast list

O well I don’t know about you all, but I’m exhausted. I will get back on and keep you all updated. I love doing this too much to just abandon it!! But also, life calls. And that’s why I”m here 🙂

Much love!!

Oh Questie, my Questie!


Anyone that knows me (or follows me on Instagram) knows that I am obsessed with Quest bars.
What are you Quest bars, you ask? The best things to happen to protein. No but in all seriousness, they are a protein bar that come in a variety of flavors (16 I believe), that pride themselves in being high in protein, low in carbs and gluten free.


Now while I Love Quest nutrition, I’m not really on board with their whole philosophy of “Cheat Clean!” and doing reps and squats up in da gym and counting macros ( don’t know what those are and I really don’t care to learn, ok thanks bye.).

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them!! 🙂

As with others I know, I have my favorite flavors (I can’t get enough Cookies and Cream and White Chocolate Raspberry) but recently I have been receiving the variety packs from my mom (shoutout for the best care packages!! :)) So I have been trying all the flavors and decided to review a couple that are new to me!


Lemon pie quest

Look: 8/10
With most Quest bars, the “look” is often hard to judge. Sometimes they melt in the car, into weird morphed shapes. However this particular flavor seemed to have chunks of lemon in it, so A for effort on that Quest.

Smell: 6/10
Honestly, it gave off the smell of Lemon pledge, which made me a little leery about how it might taste.

Taste: 4/10
NOPE. Just nope. This was the first Quest flavor that has disappointed. The lemon was way too artificial and strong, and it ended up tasted a lot like Lemon Bacardi (which in itself, tastes like bad decisions). It was too much to handle, even though I finished the whole thing.

Overall: 5/10
This is one of those flavors that people don’t care for or can’t get enough of. I suppose it’s really up the individual and their taste preferences, however for this girl, it just wasn’t cutting it.



Look: 4/10
Nothing too special. Can’t see any chunks of anything or any bright colors. Just plain looking.

Smell: 4/10
Once again, nothing special….no aroma given off.

Taste: 8/10
Wha wha what?? I heated this one up for a little bit and could instantly smell the peanut butter! After a few bites, I actually got some crunchy peanuts! And I could actually taste some strawberry jelly, which was incredible.

Overall: 7/10
I really liked this flavor! For what it was worth (sometimes PB&J can go terribly wrong) it pleasantly surprised me! Not top of my list, but definitely a flavor I’ll try again!


And of course I partook in one while watching my fav, Parks and Recreation ❤

That's all folks!

Who’s that girl?


WOW….. hello there!

Remember me? I’m the girl who runs this blog.

I want to apologize for my huge gap in absence…. I feel like these past couple of weeks have been so jam packed with so many things (i.e. MY MOM CAME TO VISIT :), starting school, auditions, jobs, yaddi yaddi ya….) and this blog kind of took a back seat on the list of my priorities.

I have a lot of posts to write about so I’ll try to just sum up some things in this (all of these I will write more detailed posts):


1. I went to a Rockies game with a girl I met on Instagram. I know that saying that sounds sketchy as hell, but I’m working on being more adventurous, I had a free Rockies ticket, she is in recovery, and I knew she lived in Denver!! We had an amazing time and it was just an awesome day. 

2. My mom came to visit me for a week, and I believe I speak for us both when I say that we had the best time we have had in almost 4 years. Yes, we ate out a lot. Yes I had terrible body image. But having an amazing time with my mom ruled over that. We got pedicures, experienced lots of local places, went shopping, went to Garden of the GOds, Ikea… and tons more. I”m actually sad she’s gone, but then it was so nice to show her MY city 😀

3. I have been in a really weird place with recovery. A girl I was in treatment with this past year at ERC passed away this morning. She was 23 years old and had just become a registered nurse. Now I don’t know all the details about what happened, but I know that she had just left treatment in late May, which kind of leads me to believe she may have passed due to some longstanding damage caused by her ED….which is such a terrible thought. I feel like I have been doing really well, but am feeling like external sources don’t believe that’s true. How do you know when you’re doing the right thing?

4. I. STARTED. SCHOOL. I haven’t been in college for 2 years, thanks to all my treatment stays. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be on a legitimate campus, to go to real classes, to SIT IN DESKS!! I am actually the biggest dork.. I feel like I”m so psyched to learn, whereas everyone else in my class is like “Sista, calm down. This is Public Speaking….”. I am just so incredibly grateful to have been given a second chance, that this was made possible( especially by my loving parents and family). It’s only been my first week, but I have been loving every second (even the times where I had no idea where the hell my classroom was).

5. I’ve had a number of rejections this past week, and they have been terribly disappointing. However, normally I would just give up after 1 try. That’s not happening this time. And I’m proud of that.



Like I said, more detailed posts to come!!! If you’ve kept up with me, thank you. I so dearly appreciate it!!!