Restaurant: Parsley


Well I hate to say it, folks, but this post is not the one I was hoping for. I decided to try out a new little eatery today called Parsley. They seemed to have all the things I enjoy in a cute cafe: gluten-free options, extensive menu, locally sourced ingredients. However, my experience was far from impressive. The shop itself was sandwiched on a row of what looked like locally owned businesses. I hit the middle of lunch hour, so the place itself was packed. 

  photo 1


The menu was displayed on the wall, and was helpful in showing what sandwiches/salads contained what. There was also an extensive lists of juices/smoothies, but that experience will be for another time.

photo 3

The first thing that struck me was there seemed to be no kitchen, just an huge open space behind the ordering counter with a sink and sandwich bar. I got up to the front of the line and placed my order. The man at the cash register did not appear to speak english very well and it took me several times repeating my order for him to finally understand what I wanted. With getting a sandwich on gluten free bread and an iced tea, the grand total was $12.95…. WHAT? Maybe I just don’t know about pricing, but for what I was served, I couldn’t help but feel like I was ripped off.



I ended up ordering the Tree Hugger sandwich, which came on Multigrain gluten-free bread.


tree hugger: organic lettuce, organic spinach, mozzarella, organic cucumber, sweet red peppers ( <– from the Parsley website)


When the sandwich came, I was a little disappointed with how small it seemed. I think I may have been spoiled by other restaurants gluten free breads as this was smaller then what I had experienced other places. The bread wasn’t toasted so because of all the ingredients, promptly fell apart when I picked it up. I will say that the flavors were very nice. The cheese and dressing went well together and the vegetables were crisp and fresh.

Sandwich close up

Would I come back here? Maybe…to try their smoothies, but probably not for food.


That’s all for today, folks. 



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