Have avocado…. will use :)


Here is the life of an avocado in a nutshell:


So naturally, I HAD to eat the avocado that’s been screaming at me to use it from my fridge.

photo 1-2 copy

Now I won’t lie. Even though they are a GOOD fat, avocados are scary (calorie content wise). But I am recovering. And I need challenging food choices.

So what to do with it? For some reason my mind screamed “AVOCADO TOAST”

photo 2 copy

So voila ladies and gentleman! Probably the easiest recipe known to man:

Step 1: Toast bread

Step 2: Mash avocado onto toasted bread. Lightly salt

Step 3: Enjoy your delicious repast

Not my greatest recipe (I promise more intricate ones will come 🙂 ) but I was feeling this tonight and went with my cravings!!!!!

Enjoy a selfie.

photo 3-2 copy



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