Tales from the Barista life


So I may not have mentioned previously, but I work at Starbucks. I have for almost the past year, but the varying differences in the two stores I have worked at are huge. For instance, my first store was located inside a Target. You almost always worked by yourself, and “rush hour” was essentially 8 people.

At the Starbucks I work at in Denver, it’s basically in the middle of the business district. Which means it is busy all day, ere day. (Yeah, I meant to spell it like that). ANYHOO, I’m really loving it, my coworkers are pretty awesome, and thanks to the business, shifts seem to fly by…. unless you’re there until 10:45 and that it just.. the worst. 

However, seeing as how it is in a business district, you will also getting the snooty, uppity business people that have no problem reminding you that you are a mere barista, and your job is to serve them. I actually have a pretty high tolerance for assholes (on the outside at least), but that still doesn’t make it easy to have someone throw a drink back at you and scream that you are “the worst barista I have ever seen”


People, please remember that we are human beings too.  We make mistakes, and when it happens, we always offer to remake your drink (FOR FREE, might I add) and try to make it up to you. There is no need to be nasty, when we are literally bending over backwards to make you happy.


HOWEVER, there are the customers that are rather hilarious/unbelievable and I figured I’d write about a few of them. Keep in mind, I am not writing this to “exploit” them, they are just incredibly entertaining to serve, and honestly….. it amazes me that someone can come into Starbucks EVERYDAY. Like….. no thanks. But thanks, because you pay my tips.


Katherine- Katherine always comes in everyday and gets a decaf Americano with some steamed non-fat milk in a “for here” cup. Personally, I like to think Katherine was once a man…she’s got a super deep voice and just looks uncomfortable in her dress that she always wears. However, she is always super friendly and like to collect our leftover coffee grounds for her garden. What a woman.

Jim- Where do I even begin with Jim? Jim used to live in Mississippi and was one of the first people to start hiring blacks into his company (this should give you a clue as to how old this guy is). For some reason, this made him a lot of money, so he is just a freelance worker now. He comes to our store everyday around 3 p.m., with a Subway bad in his hand and orders his 3 pump classic, no water, green iced tea. I have been told he hits on anything that moves with boobs… but I haven’t experienced this side of him yet. Maybe for the better? I just think he’s a funny, slightly crazy old guy who enjoys routine 🙂

Mystery Vanilla/Hazelnut Latte man- I believe I have my first Starbucks stalker. This man comes in about everyday, ordering the aforementioned drink. He joked about my glasses one time, and I told him not to worry, they were 100% fake. The next time he came in, we talked and joked around a little….and I personally think that’s a good place to keep a relationship. NOPE, says this man whose name I have yet to learn. Now whenever he comes in, it doesn’t matter what I”m doing, he demands I make his drink. Why? So he can have an opportunity to chat me up while I”m at the bar (coffee bar that is). And it’s not just for the duration of when his drink is being made…. most of the time it’s 15 mins +. I don’t know how to politely tell him that I need him to go away so I can focus on other people’s drinks, but man…. it’s really weird. He even went so far as to ask me what I”m doing on my days off, and if I got lonely, I could always “give him a call”. Yeah sir, that’d be cool if you weren’t 37.


Anyways, obviously there are a LOT more people then just those 3..but if I wrote about them, this post would actually never end. So that’s it! And I will leave you with some nice articles as yo why you should be nice to your barista 🙂 Namaste. 










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