Good friends, good food. There’s not really much more to life.


In my previous post, I had mentioned that I had made some amazing friends out here… which is obviously still true! Most of them have come from school, since thanks to class and theater, that’s where I’ve spent 93% of my time. With graduation coming in… 3 short months, I’ve done my fair share of panicking that I don’t HAVE friends outside of school, and what will happen come May? I’ll be alone.

ANYWAYS, that’s another existential crisis for another post, friends. Last night, I met up with a close friend of mine, as life has been pulling us so many different directions and I haven’t seen her in about a month, despite us living 7 minutes apart! We decided on burgers (which is a big step for me ED wise). I had a thought of fear and doubt in my mind heading into it, but truly reminded myself that the least harmful thing I could do to myself was is eat. I needed to enjoy this time, and try my very hardest to be engaged with her.

And you know what? I was. Normally, being out with people exhausts me. Physically, mentally, emotionally. My energy levels are low right now, and sometimes even going to meet someone completely drains me. However, I was able to totally engage with her. It felt so normal and right! When it came time to order, I ordered what KENNA wanted, with very little hesitation. Sure, that nagging voice about being too bloated and full afterwards and what would have the least calories etc., but I was able to push that aside. I’ll write a new post/review (they’re back) about the actual restaurant, as I thoroughly enjoyed it, would go back, AND THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE BUNS. Even after 3 years here, I still am amazed when I go places and can order something “normally”. What a luxury this state is 🙂

We spent a good chunk of time together and it was just so nice to actually feel relaxed in a social setting and truly enjoy time with people I treasure in my life. Anyways, it was a nice break from life it felt like.





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